What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress Plugin

If your choice of CMS is WordPress then most of the time
You need o to install a WordPress plugin so  as o extend the
functional of our website, so in his regard
What is a WordPress plugin

What is a WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin is a software that contains a
piece of code written  in PHP programming
language when install and activated
add a new feature or functionality or
extend an already functionality of  the website

How  to install a WordPress plugin

Now you know what a WordPress plugin is
It is  time to learn how to install
a plugin on our WordPress website
to install a plugin is a simple step
once you know he funcionalit ou
want to add the website, for instance, I want o to add
a feature whereby I am able to speed up m site
it is simple make sure you are login to
our WordPress dashboard then on the left
hand side of our dashboard locate  and click on plugin

noe:  an hover over on the plugin displays
to the right here option which are
installed plugins
add new
plugin file editor
an option either click on plugin or he hover over
is the same and it redirects you to the same place to add a plugin

Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress Google Chrome 9 14 2022 7 04 37 AM LI

click on add new
Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress Google Chrome 9 14 2022 7 04 36 AM LI
 and search for he plguni ou was o insall
ake for instance I wan o add securi o m wordpress website
a plugin for adding securi o WordPress is wordfence
here are man of hem bu I ill go with wordfence
so searc for wordfecncwe
Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress Google Chrome 9 14 2022 7 08 36 AM
now install he wordpress wordfecne security  plugin now
Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress Google Chrome 9 14 2022 7 08 36 AM LI 2
Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress Google Chrome 9 14 2022 7 08 48 AM LI

Best WordPress plugin

Here are so man best WordPress plugin ou here
for ou o choice form but with over 3000 plugin
in the wordpress director picking and finding the righ one
for you, ma no be  no eas so we have made a list of
bes WordPress plugin o choice from which are

1.Wordfence plugin
I is a WordPress security plugin developed by
he wordfence eam wih a curren version of 7.6.1
with over 4 million installation on WordPress websie
globall making I he leading wordpress securi plugin
wih high installaion
I however requires a PHP version of 5.3 or higher
some of I feature listed below are as follows

WordPress firewall

  • procecion from brue before back b limiting login aemp
  • integrated malware scanner  blocks requre ha include
    malicious code or conen

WordPress security scanner 

  • malware scnanerchecks core files heme and plugin for
    malicious bad urls,backdoor Seo spam,malicious redirec
    and code injection.

2.image opimizaion pluign
3.email plugin
4.page builder plugin

5.Seo plugin
seo plugin are plugin ha are used o opimazed
our WordPress website so  as o be found for a beer Google search
results here are man of them but here is our 3 pick which are
all in one

how to uninstall a  WordPress plugin

If you install a WordPress plugin or
have an error on our website as a result
of 2 plugin with the same function hem
uninstalling one is nex but how do you uninstall a WordPress
plugin so a simple process as o do    I

step 1
Click on plugin
Click on the installed plugin
can you install a WordPress plugin on WordPress.com
WordPress plugin example
best WordPress plugin

Can You Have Too Many WordPress Plugins

How many plugins are too many for WordPress
is not the problem but  having more than one plugin
that performances same functionality is where the problem

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