How to install wordpress as a beginner

How to install wordpress as a beginner

If you are thinking of building
your next website using WordPress
but don’t know how to
install WordPress then this post blog is a
guide for you that show you steps on
how to install WordPress even as a beginner
or someone who has ever used WordPress before
for any web development or website project.

What is WordPress
WordPress is a software that contains a
piece or series of code and written instruction
to help someone create and develop a website
even without that person knowing how to
write a line of code.
WordPress is regarded as a content management system
as it also can be used to managed the website content, files,media
and images as well.


How to install WordPress as a beginner

There are three major ways of building a website
which are
1. coding
2. making use of premade template design and
3.Content Management System (CMS)
of all three method stated above of building a website
the using CMS is the most popular and used method
for website development

So if you decided to make use of the Content management system
method then WordPress which is among the top best 3 CMS will.
co.eto your mind either as a result of you have heard people
tales about it or want to try it out

how to install WordPress
there are many ways of installing WordPress depends
on what you want to do or the requirements for that
website so all these are the ways of installing WordPress

1. WordPress installation on a local machine
2.WordPress installation on operating system
3.WordPress installation on the control panel
4.WordPress installation on cloud
5.WordPress installation on a subdomain
6. WordPress installation manually.

1. WordPress installation on a local machine

Are you just starting to learn WordPress for the first time
I mean and not but don’t have
the funds for buying a domain name and a web hosting
and start running your website on the internet.

or don’t have a budget in your expenses for purchasing
a web host account to host your WordPress website then
installing WordPress on a local machine for learning, testing
as well as deployment

2.WordPress installation on Operating System

In these method of installing WordPress, you get to run
the WordPress installation on an operating system
such as Ubuntu and other OS that makes provision
for you be  able to install WordPress on them

3. WordPress installation on a control panel

This method  involves running the WordPress installer
on a control panel such as AA panel, Cpanel,
this method is what is offered by a web hosting company
for helping you install WordPress

for some web hosting companies they have or provides
you thier own control panel for instance hostinger
provides you with an h panel

4.WordPress installation on the cloud
there are many and upcoming could service on the internet
and sometimes it comes to the point where your web host
will not be able to host and handle your WordPress website
traffic or your website has outgrown. it resources and cloud service
will just be what you need right? now example of platform
offering cloud services are Alibaba, google could, amazon
they all give you an empty server and you do what you want
with the server, below are the installation process of WordPress
on some cloud service

how to install WordPress on google cloud

5.WordPress installation on a subdomain

6. WordPress manual installation.

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