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WordPress speed optimization plugin

As you install and activate many WordPress plugins,
add files to your website, publish more blog post,
add pictures to your wordpress blog posts
Your website will soon now or later Start to load slowly

Many or some of your website visitors may
leave and not come back, to your
WordPress website when they encounters
a slow load time on your WordPress website

So the need to speed up your WordPress
website is very important if people land
on your website and leave so
soon or fast then it will affect your
click through rate and bounce rate as well
as it will also have a slight impact on
the seo of your wordpress

what is wordpress

WordPress is a content management system
that is used to create, manage te file content
of a website, with WordPress you don’t need
to be a programmer to  a build website

As WordPress is a CMS that can be used to build a
website without knowing how to code or
write a single or mutilply line of code.
if you are yet to have a WordPress website sign up
now to have one with any web hosting company.

What is WordPress speed optimization plugin

A WordPress sped optimization plugin
is a WordPress plugin that add and extend the functionality
of making your WordPress website loading faster
when website visitors visit any web page on your
WordPress website.

How to speed up your WordPress website

If you are considering speeding up your wordrpess
website then a WordPress speed optimization plugin
is what you need to speed or cache your website
installation and activating a speed optimization plugin
will do the magic.
Here are some guide to speed up your WordPress website

1.Compresss your image
2.Use a good web host
3.Use a light WordPress theme.
4.Use few WordPress plugin on your WordPress website.
5.Aviod using two plugin with same functionality.

WordPress speed optimization plugin

To speed up your WordPress installation
you will need to install and activate a WordPress
plugin, well if you don’t know have to install a
WordPress plugin then go thrugoh this guide
here on how to do so.

1.W3 total cache
2.WP Fastest Cache
3.Niro pack
4.Wp Rocket
5.Cache Enabler
6.WP Super Cache
7.WP Super Minify
9.LazyLoad by WP Rocket

1.W3 total cache

This is a WordPress speed optimization plguin
that is free of charge to use, if you are someone who
need a free plugin to cache your WordPress website then
this plugin is the best fit for you.

Features of W3 total cache:

  • CDN Support
  • Browser caching
  • Database caching
  • Object caching

2.WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest cache is a WordPress speed optimzation
plugin that helps speed up your WordPress website
As installation as well as activation helps
you keep your website load times to be around 3-4 seconds.

These are some of the best WordPress speed optimization plugin
I have listed to help you make the decision of you
picking any one.






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