Where to learn wordpress for beginners

Where to learn wordpress for beginners

If you are considering building your first or next project using WordPress
as your Content management system but don’t know much about WordPress.
then you have to learn about WordPress and things associated with
wordpres such as WordPress installation, setup configuration,
WordPress plugins as well as designing your WordPress website.
There are many information and helpful resource out there online                                                                          on the internet to guide you through WordPress setup, and any thing related to WordPress

but for someone like you who is a beginner to using WordPress                                                                            finding all these websites and material about WordPress s may be a tasky job for you,                                         so I have put together

Here  is a list of 8 websites or online places to learn more about wordpres
and how to you the CMS for your website project.
mastering WordPress is not a day job, especially for beginners like you…

as the type of website you want to build using WordPress is what the
determines the theme and plugin you will choose to install and activate on your website.
but with a gradually learning process, you will get to understand the basics of WordPress
and use this basic knowledge you have know master as a pro…

so in these blog post I will be showing u different platform website where
you can learn WordPress, master it, and becomes a pro.
before I show you the list of 8 websites to learn WordPress from
learning wordpress is not a day job, so I recommend you go
through learning WordPress sectionally.

Where to learn WordPress for beginners

1. Udemy

This is the number learning platform that comes to people’s mind
as regards learningand taking any online course…don’t get me wrong
for saying there are number one and not saying it youtube, youtube may
be the most visited video platform but when it comes to learning most and
majority of people give udemy a visit over youtube, so this platform happens
to be listed as our number one
website or place online to learn WordPress

as there are many free videos coupled with documentation for free to get
started with there are also paid courses depending on the options you want to go for.

2. wpbeginer

Wpbeginners is a  website founded in 2009
with the aim to provide you with many resources (both articles and videos)
in regard how to use WordPress for web development and the price of learning
on this platform is totally free, all it will take from you is your time to spend learning
WordPress on wpbeginner their articles are written in a simple plan English makes
it easier for beginners like you to read and understand.

3. HubSpot.

HubSpot is not just a CRM tool service provider there also provides helpful
resources and WordPress related matters to help you go through
the process of learning WordPress

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of cheapest web hosting companies for hosting a WordPress website
this company is not just providing you a web hosting but are also
providing you with helpful resources and documentation about WordPress

so of you choose them for your WordPress website Hosting be rest and
sure that they have already written documentation about WordPress.


This is a website that has been around since 2008 and has though
over 3+ million people what WordPress is and how to use and understand
WordPress for your website development and web design

To start learning on the platform you will need to subscribe to any of
their plans which are as followed.

1. Monthly Access plan

this plan is a MONTH-TO-MONTH ACCESS
for $12/MO.
this plan has a Free 7-Day Trial
WordPress 101 Course
8 Additional Courses
200+ WordPress Tutorial Videos
Free WordPress Sandbox Site
One-on-One WordPress Help
Auto-renews monthly. Cancel anytime.

2. Annual Access

Free 7-Day Trial
WordPress 101 Course for the annual access
includes the following
8 Additional Courses
200+ WordPress Tutorial Videos
Free WordPress Sandbox Site
One-on-One WordPress Help
and this plan is an Auto-renewal annually with Cancelation at any time.

3. Lifetime Access
WordPress 101 life access Course includes these features

8 Additional Courses
200+ WordPress Tutorial Videos
Free WordPress Sandbox Site
One-on-One WordPress Help
All Future Courses
No recurring charges Lifetime access once payment is made

6. Honesweb

well this the website or page you are currently this website
provides you with WordPress tutorials to help you around while working with
WordPress or using WordPress as your Content management system
Here are guides to help you kick-start your WordPress learning  process

7. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community with over 800k+ members
34k+ Classes, and 11k+ Teachers there are thousands of classes
for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration,
design, photography, video, freelancing, and

This is another great platform to learn WordPress as it offers
you a one-month free learning period

skillshare as a learning platform puts a link to easily access all
their class on their homepage for easy navigation to what you want to learn.

8. Amazon.

If you understand and prefer reading pdf or ebook to better understand
a subject matter then amazon is the stop shop place for you as there are  the  number
One go-to place online when people think of buying or downloading an
ebook for learning purposes.
pdf is available both for free and paid to download on Amazon
so you have no limitations learning WordPress on amazon.
Even if you are on a low budget as Amazon as some many
free Pdf regarding WordPres.





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