Where to advertise for free online

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Where to advertise for free online

With the rising cost of cpc,cpm and other advertise format
there is no doubt that you may run out of bugdet
quickly or if you are on a low budget you my not be able
to continue running some ads campaign

So if  you wondering where to advertise
your website for free online
then I have written this blog post titled
Where to advertise for free online
so as to show you multiply places
where you can advertise for free without
spending a dime or without spending a
dollar, let me walk you through the list down below

1. Google
This is by far the most popular search engine
and it set as the default browser by many internet users
although Google first came as a search engine
but today Google have many other digital products
and it  provides three platform  for advertising your website
free which are Namely

On their search engine
Google my businessun and
Google Ads (for first timers only)  if you want more traffic from google then check out this  article

This is another search engine though not up
to Google by popularity of user, advertise your business
online on Bing is still a way to go if you want free website traffic
there are also three basic way of getting websites traffic from bing
search engines as well which are namely
on their search engine
Running Bing
Bingplace for business listening.

Facebook is a social media network that
have over 1 billion active users
so it makes sense to advert your website
here as facebook provides you a ground for
advertising for free, advertising on Facebook
can be done in the followwing formats

1.Join a Facebook group
there are so many Facebook groups to join that
have like mind member or people like you
to make advertising on Facebook effective
don’t just any random Facebook group
but join groups that are related to your
websites or business niches.

To join a group is simply,all use of the
Facebook search bar and type keyword
related to your website

2.Create Facebook group/page
if you are very knowledgeable about your website niche
it makes sense to create a Facebook group or page
and posst in helpful content and invites your
friends to join.

3.Approach Facebook influencers
if creating and managing a page or group on Facebook
is not your thing then there are people on the plafrom
that does that and have a large followers on their page, group
as well as their personal Facebook account

Approach them and tell them about your website
and if you provides great content there make want
to feature your content for free as somee or most of their followers
make love  your contnet.

4.Anoox search engine
Anoox is a search eninge even not as popular
as google and bing, there  is still a need to advertise your website
on this search engines by submitting your website
to Anoox search engine.                          Here is a quick guide on how to do that here

Annox search engine have a forum which is
free to join as well, so join their forum that relates
to your website niche and provides answers to
question members are asking on anoox forum and link back to
your website on the subject matter.

5. locanto
This is a claassifield ads that provides you the opportunity to
advertise your business or website by posting an ads
on their platform.
locanto is has headquarters at Germany and was founded
2006, according to similar web these classifiiled network
has 24,129 and  a country ranking in the US of 5o7o

6.Free Ads Time
free Ads time happened to be number 6 on my list
of Where to advertise for free online
it is a classsifield ad network  and posting of ads
as far you have a quality service go ahead and post
it on these classified website.

7.Yellow pages
To advertise on the real yellow page
you have to first create or sign up  with  an account them
and claim your listening the team behind the real yellow page
cliiams that when you list or claim your website or business
on yellow page that there ensure your business can be found on
thier proprietary online directories with over 4 billion references per year
which includes the real yellow page,super page and dexknows.


This is a social networking website platform where
you find and get professionanls of all field
and walk of life, in as such as your website or bussiness
offers and provides value with helpful information
and blog post there you have to come on board here on LinkedIn
there are four basic way of advertising your business for free
on the LinkedIn plafrom which are namely

1.LinkedIn Ads
I said linkdeln Ads, yes you need to pay money to run
ads on any ads network or any website, LinkedIn Ads
are not free but for first timers there offer a free running of ads
for a limited period of time.

2.posting your content on linkdeln
3.Brand mention by influencer on LinkedIn


it is an online directory with over 1.6 million
active user so submission your website oon online
is free create an an account with them and brings the process.


it is regarded as one of the best question and answers
forum the secret of using advertising your website for free
in quora by answering question and then link to
a blog post on your website that answer the question


Slideshare is pdf submission plafrom in order to get your
blog post content here you have to repurpose it that is
convert your WordPress blog post to a pdf first and
then upload it to SlideShare and SlideShare will do the rest
by making your pdf available to over thousands of
audience on their plafrom, if you don’t know how to create
a PDF you can make use of software like Microsoft Office,canvas
or was to create a pdf with just five clicks of the button

These website is more like a micro blog
And driving website traffic on the polafrom is
free at no cost you only get tom pay for traffic
when you want to run ads.

14. four square.


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