What are seo best tools for beginners

What are seo best tools for beginners

As a webmaster or blogger, you will need some set of tools
to make your blogging journey to be easy for you and avoid
spending unnecessary money since as a beginner your
seo tool spending budget will always be low, so I have put
together a list of best seo tools in these blog posts titled
What are SEO best tools for webmaster.

If you are just starting out your journey as a blogger
What are seo best tools for a webmaster is a question
you will ask other webmasters so as to be guided
in the right direction and knowing the right tools that are beginners friendly
and agina remember  Seo tools will help you

alot in regard ranking, website audit, and many more

What are SEO tools                                                                 Seo tools are software or a piece of code that provides
you a platform that makes carrying out search engine optimization
process on your website to be easily done without
you waste time in as much as you have the basic
fundamentals and foundation of seo and using these SEO tools

Type of seo tools

Search engine optimization is a wide aspect in regard
website optimization, and again one tool can’t provide you
all the accurate  information you will need or be needing
in regard optimizing your WordPress regardless of the
content management system  your website is built with
these are the types or categories of Seo tools for you as a beginner
to chooce from and start your seo journey.

1.keyword research tools.
these SEO tools are best for providing you with information
and insight regarding the words or phrase people type
into different search engines as well as their search volume,
estimated click, ads the keyword appears on and many so in my list are

Check out this guide on how to use for keyword research here 

1iii.Google Trends

2. Audit SEO tools
These tools or software provide you with the technical aspect
regarding your website as well as the problem dictated on your
website and possible solutions and ways of fixing the problem
example of such tools are.

2i.Screening frog
you will need to create an account before being able to use
their free site audit for auditing your website.


3.Backlink seo tools.

These seo tools are best for helping you
and providing information in regard the link
that point from a webpage of a website to another
webpage of a website or links pointing from a
webpage of a website to another webpage of another
website, an example of such best tools are as follow below
this seo tool also provides information on broken, lost,new
found links as well to a website.


4. speed Seo tools
These tools provides information in regard How fast your
website loads on the internet and gives you analysis and break down
of what can be done to improve the speed if your website loads
slowly examples of such speed seo tools are.


5. Content Exposer Seo tools

6.Domain Authority(DA) Checker
These Seo tools provide information regarding how authoritative
a website in a niche,DA which is on a scale from 0-100 a
perfect example of an seo tools that dust this kind of job is

7.On page seo tool.
On page seo tools help webmaster as well as beginners
carries out search engine optimization (SEO) activities
such as adding link(interlinking webpage on your website and
and adding an external link to your WordPress website,
the on-page SEO tool I will mention works best with the WordPress
content management system(C.M.S).

7ii.All in one seo plugin. 

What are seo best tools for beginners

These are the list of the best free seo tools for beginners
like you when you are on a low budget and on a low budget as well

1. Google search console
2. Google Analytics
3. Ahrefs
4. Screaming frog
5. Majestic.
6.page speed insight




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