website flipping course

website flipping course

Website Flipping is the process of buying and selling
a website so as to make a profit from the website.
When it comes to website flipping you buy a website
for a cheap amount and sell for a high amount
As that is how you make a profit from a website you
Flipp or sell to a buyer.

1. Find a website to flip/sell.

For you to become a flipper you need to find a website
that you want to sell or flip if you are good at building
a website then you can build and start to sell them
but if you don’t have that time and you feel it
takes much time to build a website,
then you have to find a website you will want to flip.

Buy the website you want to flip.
If building a website is not your thing
then you have to find a website that you
want to flip and buy it

Remember that there
are so many things you have to consider
when buying a website you want to flip
If not you will run at loose in the business
of flipping a website.

2. Transfer ownership of the website.
After buying the website you have you
want to flip, then you have to ask for a transfer
of ownership from the seller to you
As that is what gives you full and complete
ownership of the website you just brought.

3. Improve the website.
You will have to improve the website
so that you can sell at a higher rate
the following are what you should
check for, as there are what you will be
improving on the website you just

3i Website speed
3ii.Website UX/Ui design
3iii.Website ranking on search engines, etc

4. Sell the website.
You have to sell the website after you have check
With all of the above, is a great place to sell
or flip a website.

Well I know you may be a bit
confused and thinks that website
flipping may be the same as the domain name
flipping, they are not the same thing

While website flipping involves
you buying and selling website to
make profit.

Top best 5 websites to find and get
website flipping course online.

1. Udemy

Udemy is the number online place for learning
any course online, As adding a certificate
you earn from a learning platform like udemy
is of a high advantage when you are showing
client the skill set you have and experience

So for beginners like you who want to take
a website flipping course Udemy is a starting point.

So to find a website flipping you have to visit
this URL
just copy and paste the URL into your web browser
to access the website flipping courses available on

2. Skipblast Digital Authority Academy

This a great website where you get
to learn about website flipping
this website is founded and run by Shawna
who confirmed it with his words saying that

I’ve been making and flipping sites for more than a decade now and in 2019,
I break down my process for creating these sites for you.

This website has so many courses available
on their homepage, so to get directly to their website
flipping course  landing page
just copy and paste this link below into your web browser.

3. youtube

YouTube is the most visited video website
platform as there are so many videos available
on the YouTube platform, so they are videos
that will show you and give you a complete
guide on how to start website flipping

4. Websitesiteflip.

Websitesiteflip is one great place to learn about website
flipping by taking their website flipping course
this course has 4.8 reviews on Trustpilot
with 96% of those who have brought the course
giving the course a 5 star.

so to get direct access to the course on their website
just copy and paste the URL below into
your web browser to access the course directly.

5. Amazon.

Amazon is an online place/website where you can
get website flipping courses, just be informed
just in case don’t know about Amazon,
all the courses you will find on Amazon are in a
pdf or ebook format, So all these are the
top best website where you can get
website flipping course for yourself.

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