How to use facebook to drive traffic to your website

How to use facebook to drive traffic to your website

Are you wondering how to use Facebook to drive traffic to
your website, then you are in luck as this article cover how to do that with a few beginners tips
guide and ways to go about it.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you
to connect with friends, family, and love one online

want to How to use Facebook to
drive traffic to your website?

There are many ways of getting website traffic to your website
using Facebook, so in this blog post I will show you
different methods, you have to pick the one that
works the cost for you.

1. Enable Social Media share on your post

Enabling social share on your website will help you
get traffic to your website, if you are using WordPress
as your content management system

then they are so many WordPress plugins to help you add a social
Share to your WordPress website, how this WordPress social share plugin works that when installed and activated

it appears on your WordPress website and it lets your users
or visitors to be able to share WordPress blog posts
to social media, Most social share WordPress plugin
comes with Facebook as a sharing option for your
users due to the popularity of Facebook.

Some examples of WordPress social share plugins are
simple share buttons Adder, Shareaholic etc.

2. Run Facebook ads

Running of Facebook Ads is one of the Fastest ways
of getting website traffic from Facebook to your
WordPress website and Facebook matches your ads
to people who might be interested in your ads.
the traffic starts pouring in once the Facebook ads
team approves your Ads.

3. Auto publish to Facebook

Auto publishing to Facebook is when you
publish a blog post on your WordPress website
and it automatically gets published on Facebook

With this method, you don’t have to publish your
blog post twice but once, you only publish
your content once and it gets posted on Facebook
same time for you, well if you use WordPress

then there are plugins available to perform
this task for you, Blog2social is a plugin you
can try and use for your WordPress website
If you are using other content management system
for your website then a quick Google search will
provides you an answer.

4. Join a Facebook Group

The opportunity of getting website traffic to your WordPress
website is of very high percentage, as many people
both new to blogging and already established bloggers
are either in one Facebook group or the other
if they are using Facebook as their social media

So to get traffic from Facebook with this method
write blog posts about what members are asking and
searchingg for in the group
and if any member asked about those questions reply
them with a nice answer and drop your

Website link which contains the remaining answers
to their question or you can provide  help to the members
and introduces your blog with style to them
please note that you should join Facebook group
that matches your website niche.

5. Follow Facebook Page.

6. Create a Facebook page for your brand

7. Create Facebook group for your website brand

Creating a Facebook group for your brand is a way to get traffic
to your website from Facebook all you have to do
is create a Facebook group posted all your content
in the Facebook group and promote th group using
Facebook ads, inviting family and friends to join.

8. Post your website content on Facebook

9. Partner with Facebook influencers.

There are many Facebook influences who have
a very large audience, still you don’t have that kind of large
audience then you have to steal some of their audience
by contacting these influencers and let them know
what your brand is all about.

How will Facebook help advertisers to drive traffic to website?

Facebook has many advertising formats for advertisers
which if you take advantage of this format very well,
they can help you generate traffic to your website some of the
Facebook advertising format includes

1. Image

How do I get traffic to my website on Facebook?

You can get traffic from Facebook to your website
by running Facebook Ads,promoting your blog post
on Facebook.

How do I get traffic to my URL?

For you to get traffic to your website  URL you
will have to promote the URL of the blog you want to
get website traffic to, for instance you will have to copy
your WordPress blog post url and paste it as a reply
in Facebook if seomone asked a question
and the website url of your blog you copied answer
the question then paste it in reply to the persons

How do I get organic traffic on/from Facebook?

Whatever traffic you get from Facebook will
away be referred to as a social media traffic source
or another traffic source, but you can convert this traffic
coming in from Facebook into organic traffic
by using the following methods and format.

1. Landing page.

For you to convert your Facebook traffic to organic
traffic using this method all you have to do is to
create a page that is referred to as a landing page and send your
website visitors there before sending them to your
website, like mine, gives you a perfect example

Imagine I wrote a blog post about how to install WordPress
on cyberpanel and someone asked this question
on a Facebook group what I will do is to create a
Page I will send them to first after they get to that page
the page will redirect them to my WordPress

Here are other ways of get traffic to your wordpress
website if you want more traffic online

2. Refer the traffic to your page first
3. Use Link shorter.

4. Email list

After creating an email list you can promote
the email list on Facebook using your content
for instance, if people tell you

5. Create a Squeeze page.

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