How to submit your website to anoox search engine.

How to submit your website to anoox search engine.

submitting your website to search engine
is great, as it helps the search engine know of your website
and get your website page/blog post indexed faster and makes
your website start to rank for some keyword phrase that your
website provides relevant information on regarding the  subject matter
so in this blog post titled How to submit our website to anoox search engine.

I will be showing you how to submit your website to
a search engine called anoox search engine

what is annox search engine

anoox search engine is a   non-profit Social Search Network  Serving
the Internet Community since 2004
and Anoox logo is Registered Trademarks of Anoox Inc.
All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

why should you submit  your website to anoox search engine

with an estimated monthly  traffic 6.74 of Million  and
registered member of 2,547,318 sumbmit and joining
this search engine is indeed worth it

How to submit your website to anoox search engine.

submitting your website to anoox search engine is
a very easy and with less than 15 click your website
is submitted and traffic wil start coming in when
it is indexed and your blog post are of relevant information

So to submit your website follow this step below.
step 1
open up your web browser and type in anoox domain name
website which is or copy it from
here and paste it into your web browser.
anoox search engine

step 2
scroll down to the button of the search engine website
homepage  and click on submit My site so as to
get your website submitted to these search engines
submit site to anoox search engine
step 3
Submit your website
To have a Site Meta Indexed by Anoox Social networking based Search Engine,  Submit your website
URL in the from provided by annox search engine
free anoox site submition

remember to click on the check box button that has along side the text that reads
I have read the Anoox terms for free indexing and agree with them
after that is all so simple it was but you need to complete two more.

step 4
verify your email.
anoox search engine team will send you an email
to the inbox of the email, you provide when you
were submitting your website URL to them so login your
email if you are login and click on the link in your email box to
complete the verification process.

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