How to start Affiliate marketing without website

How to start Affiliate marketing without website

Are you wondering if it is possible to
be an affiliate marketer even without you having
a website, well many affiliate marketers have their own
website where  they promote they affiliate link making it easy and
possible for them to drive traffic to their affiliate offer
and converting this traffic to lead

so in these blog post titled affiliate marketing without website
I will be showing you how do affiliate marketing even when you don’t have
a website.

So in these blog post i cover up the following
what is affiliate marketing
how to join affiliate program
how to start Affiliate marketing without website

what is affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the promoting of others
people product so as to earn a commission when
they make a purchase using your affiliate link

1.How to start affiliate marketing
you need a website when starting affiliate marketing
but it is not mandatory as you can be an affiliate marketer even without a website
so to start an affiliate marketing you will have to take
the following step as listed below

1.choosing your niche and  product

you have to decide which niche and product you
want to promote and having a basic understanding
of the product will makes the convert and marketing process
easy as you now know the kind of audei you needs
to target and kind of traffic you need to go for
there are many niche and their product to pick from to join an affiliate program and start Affiliate marketing without  having a website

After choosing your niche you have to now join an affiliate program before you can have an affiliate link and start promoting  to your audince
there are two basic way of joining an affiliate program whic are

1.Join an affiliate program directly on the website
some website manage their affiliate program
all by themself and using an affiliate netwrok
to know if the website manage their affiliate
program all by themself scrool down the website
homepage and check if they have an affiliate program
page, if so click on it and sign up

2.join an affiliate program through affiliate network.

This website or network manages affiliate program
for others website so you have to sign up with the
affiate network that manage the website affiliate program
to get access to their affiliate program for example
namecheap affiliate program is managed by shareasale affiliate network, you can however read more on how to join any affliate program here.

3.How to start Affiliate marketing without website

1.Create a YouTube channel

you will need to have a YouTube channel and makes
videos of the products you are affiliating for
in your YouTube videos you have to talk
about the product, and letting your audience know the
reason why there should purchase it, you can also make
a video teaching them how to use the product for free and add your
affiliate link in the video description

2.Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way of promoting your  affiliate link
and it involves including your affiliate link in
your content and emailing them to your subscribers
on your email list
email list is a list of various email address collected
from different platform.

3.Using PDF creation and PDF submission website

Many people spends alot of their time reading PDF
So imagine getting  your affiliate link
in front of these targeted audience and people
so create a PDF and embed your affiliate link
in your PDF book
After creating your PDF you have to get it
publish and there are many website on the internet
where you can submit your  pdf free of charge
you just need to create an account for free as well
some places where you can publish your
PDF for free are
Amazon kindle.

4.Runing Ads

since you don’t have a website running ads
on plafroms that have website and a large audience
will make alot of sense in order not to spend
money running ads without getting a sales in return
it is best to run targeted Ads base on your audience
you want and the location if you have any in mind

please to be on the safe side it is best to
to create a landing page and embed your
affiliate link in the landing page and promote
the landing page on the ads network
some good Ads network for running ads are
Google ads
Facebook ads
Reddit ads.

5.using social media plafrom

Social media platforms are great way of promoting
and doing affiliate marketing when you do not have a website
to achieve this you will have to join a social media plafrom
below are some social media platform worth joining for promoting
your affiliate link on them but you have to play by their rules
other wise your link may seem spamming to their system

these social media platfrom have over ibillion active
users so getting a slide share of their traffic who are
interested in your affiliate link is going to be worth it

6.Making use of landing page

many ads network as well as some social media plafroms
don’t permit you posting in content on their plafrom
that have or carries affiliate link, so creating a landing page
is a quick fix for that problem.
there are many software such as builder all
that you can use for creating a landing page/squeeze page.


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