How to start a blog in nigeria

How to start a blog in nigeria

Are you wondering how to start a blog in Nigeria? then search no further as I will be walking you through all the processes it takes for you to start a blog in Nigeria and make money online from your blog.

What is a blogging

Blogging refers to the act of creating and publishing helpful, great content on a blog platform.

The word blog is an abbreviation of the original word weblog or web log a blog is also referred to as an online journal or diary.

How can I start blogging as a beginner?

For you to start blogging as a beginner in Nigeria you will need a domain name and a web hosting company to launch

your website as hosting your website by yourself will be too costly and you will need a lot of things to keep your

website running and been online
for instance, you will need technical skills as well as server maintenance skills to keep your server updated,secured.

So if you don’t have all this skills
it is better to use a web hosting company that will handle all this technically stuff

for you while you focus on your blog
and make money online.

What is a domain name

Before you start a blog you will need to
have a domain name and a web hosting account.

By definition a domain name is the name
of your website, that is the name people
typeed into search engine to get to your website or find your website online.

To get a domain name your will
have to register onee by purchasing
any one from a domain name registrar
like harmoonweb,whogohost etc.

How much does it cost to create a blog in Nigeria?

If you want to create a blog in nigeria there are two ways to get it done the first method is by hiring a developer and the other method is by Doing it yourself(DIY)

but I advice you to do it yourself as I have so many guide to help you out on your process, if your are going to create

your website yourself then the cost of what you will be paying is for the Domain name and web Hosting.

The cost of a domain name and web Hosting varies among different web hosting company if you are using a

Nigeria web hosting company you are to spend around fourteen thousand naira to twenty thousand naira (14000-20000).

How do bloggers get paid?

For you to get paid as blogger you will have to montezise your blog using different method such as using google adsense, selling ads space, Affliate Marketing and so on.

Is blogging legal in Nigeria?

You don’t need to register your blog before you can start blogging
and become a blogger in Nigeria.

Who is the biggest blogger in Nigeria?

1.Linda ikeji –$40 Million.                 2.Uche Eze Pedro — $5 Million.                   3. Omoyele sowore –$10 Million.             4.Makinde Azeez — $4 Million.

How many posts do you need to start a blog.

You will need a minuim of about 7-10 blog post after you have laughed your blog, after which  you can start making  blog post twice in a day

How often should a beginner blogger post?

As new blogger you need to post at least two blog post a day it is not a must you should post up to five blog post but if you can post more than two blog post then it up to you to make 5 post daily, but ideally two blog post daily will be okay.

How much does it cost to setup a blog?

To set up a blog it will costly you around
$43-$100 as these price range will cover for both the domain name and web hosting accout.

How to start a blog in nigeria for free.

To start a blog for free in nigeria you will need a Domain name and any free web hosting company to host your website for free.

How to start a blog in Nigeria and make money online.

If you are wondering how to start a blog in nigeria and make money online.    Then this is a best practices guide for you to follow which is first of all.

1.Get a domain name and web hosting account.

You will need to get a Domain name first and as you know a domain name is the name of your website the address or phrase/keyword people will type into search engine to get find your Website online.

1i. Get a web hosting accout.

A web hosting company is an account you will create by using a web hosting companyso that you will be able to gain

access into Hosting your Website with a web host as a web host is a company that will host your website online for you.

2.How to make money online with your blog.

The act of making money online with your website or blog what is called Monetization.                                          Here are some list of how you can make money online with your blog.

2i. Accept donations from visitors.          2ii. Selling Ads space on your website/blog.                                               2iii.  Sell Sponsored Posts (…but Use Nofollow Tag

2iv. Set Up an eCommerce Site                    2v. Flip Your Websites.                              2vi. Google adsense.

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