How to set up WordPress on namecheap

How to set up WordPress on namecheap

Are you wondering how to go about or
How to setup  WordPress on Namecheap
then this  article covers all the necessary steps to
be taken in regard to installing  and setting up WordPress
on Namecheap web hosting company.

At first, for beginners the process
May seem a bit confusing which is why this article
has been written to walk you through the step
so in this article, I will cover the following topic
as listed below which relate to this blog post  titled
How to set up WordPress on Namecheap.

What is Namecheap
What is a WordPress website
How to create a Namecheap account
how to setup WordPress on Namecheap

What is Namecheap

Namecheap is a web hosting company
which was founded in the year 2000 wih Namecheap, headquarters at
4600 East Washington Street, Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
the companies provide web hosting for both
hosting for both domain name and web hosting
some web hosting company just provides you with only
hosting for either domain name hosting or web hosting
but  with NameCheap, you can hos both domain name
and website together in one place if you want

What is a WordPress website?

A WordPress website is a website  that is created with
a conne management, seem called WordPress and i is written
in PHP programming languages and WordPress as a CMS makes use of
WordPress plugin o add and extend functionality and feature

How to create a Namecheap account
to set up a Namecheap account only takes
a couple of minutes so let me show you how to start that
right without wasting our time

step 1

open up the web browser of your choice
visit the Namecheap website
which is
namecheap homepage

step 2
Click on sign up and input the username of your choice
use any  password of your choice and  make sure its as strong
and add an email as an email is a must requirement

namecheap account setup


namecheap registration

how to setup WordPress on Namecheap

to set up WordPress on a Namecheap
You must have a Namecheap account first
I believe if you follow the steps above you already have
a Namecheap account so now let’s move to the next steps
in the process of setting WordPress up on Namecheap

You have login in o your name cheap account
then pick a hosting plan, Namecheap offers 6 host plans
1. shared hosting
these hosing has here plan and can be use to host
any kind of website
namecheap hosting

2.WordPress hosting
3. Reseller hosting
4. VPS hosting
5. dedicated servers.
6. private  email hosting

for cheap and affordable hosing of WordPress for
a new customer like you or someone who is new to WordPress
we will go with shared hosting in these guides so

step 1

Click on d shared hosting and pick any plan
but for this tutorial let go with stellar package
in the shared plan

step 2
Domain Name Connection
Now you have to connect a domain name to
the web hosting account in Namecheap
and the domain name connection provides
you two options first to create connect
a new domain name or create a new one
namecheap domain
if you don’t have a domain before register
one in Namecheap b clicking on  new domain name
or existing if you have a domain name already before
so let sa ou have a domain name already  so click on
existing domain name
https hosting purchase domain connection productstellaraddonsserver location3Bserver location usduration1durationtypeyear Google Chrome 9 24 2022 10 07 19 AM
if you have an already exing domain name
ou have to indicate is I on the Namecheap domain hosting
or on a third par domain register by if on
Namecheap click on our Namecheap domain name

Add to cart
You need  to add our payment to
the cart on your Namecheap account
before proceeding to make payment and one interesting
thing about Namecheap in regards to making payment on
is platforms that they accept payment with different payment
method such as card, bitcoin, etc

step 4
make payment.






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