How to Restore a deleted or expired Google domain

How to Restore a deleted or expired Google domain

If your domain name registrar is Google domain or you
purchased a domain name from Google, and your
domain name got expired may be as a result of
you not having the money to pay for your

Google domain name renewal at that point in time
Well I have avery great and good news for you
what about if I tell you that whatever domain name you have on
Google domain name can be restored back by you.

Even if it the domain name is now expired,
Worry no more as I am telling you that there is
a way to get back your domain name
and prevent it from being registered by someone else..

what is a Google domain name.

A Google domain name are domains name that
are registered on the Google domain platform
that is these set of domain name were all registrar
on Google as the domain name registrar.

what is an expired domain name

An expired domain name is a domain name that is not available online and
not connected to a website or email service and they are generally
domain name in which the previous domain name owner fials
to renewal.

Can I Host My Site Using Google Domains

NO, you can host a website using Google domain name as Google domain
name is only a domain name registrar, after purchasing a domain name
from Google you can use or web hosting service or web hosting
company to host your website.

How to Restore a deleted or
expired Google domain.

  1. sign into your dashbaord of your  Google Domains 
  2. Search the name of the domain to be restored by using the search bar
  3. Now after you see the domain name Click  on the Restore button
  4. To acknowledge that the purchase may be non-refundable, check the box.
  5. click Yes to restore the domain name after  confirming  that is the domain name
    to  continue.
  6. Now click  the payment button or option to confirm payment for the expired domain name
    or deleted domain name.


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