How to Register a domain name on namecheap

How to Register a domain name on namecheap

Registering a domain name on Namecheap should
not be a difficult process for you, even
if you don’t have an idea of how to register
a domain name on Namecheap

well, If Namecheap happens to be your choice of domain registrar
then these guide, on How to register a domain name on NameCheap
will walk you through the process and show you
how easy it is, to start and finish a domain name
Registration process on Namecheap.

what is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website people typed
into a web browser to gain access to your website on the internet
that is, a domain name is the name of your website
for instance, is the domain name of our website

what is a domain name registration

A domain name registration is a process of getting
to register a keyword or your business name as your
website name.
if the keyword u are trying to register is available
after registration, that keyword becomes your domain name
together with the top-level domain, you picked that is

how to register a domain name on Namecheap

As I said it is as easy as a,b,c
all you have to do is to are as followed

step 1
head over to any web browser of your choice
type in NameCheap and hit the search bar icon
to get to the Namecheap website

and now when the URL takes you to the Namecheap homepage
scroll down a bit and under the website menu
you will see a search bar with
a placeholder that says Register a domain name to start
how to register a domain name on namecheap

step 2
input the keyword you want to use
as your domain name into the search bar
and hit search to see if the domain name
is available on the internet for registration
or if it have be registered by someone else

well if it has been registered you can either leave that domain
name and go for another domain name but if you still
like to go for that domain name, then check if
they are domain names similar to the one you
want to register and go for it.

step 3
Add your domain name to cart
You have to cart your domain name before
purchasing it, by clicking add to cart
it will be added to cart,

step 4
Purchasing your domain name
After adding your domain name to cart it is time to
register the domain name by purchasing it
with a payment method or means
after you add it to cart you will see a

view cart option at the button right side of
the page, now click on the view cart option
and the cart opens up on the screen in full
with all the detail in it so you

can add or remove an item as well as confirm
it before purchasing your domain name
On the right-hand side, you will see all your subtotal
of  the item, you want to purchase, then click confirm order
button to proceed with your payment
you can add a promo code if you have any.

how much does a domain name cost

How much does a domain name cost in Namecheap
On a flat ground  getting a domain name
cost around $1-$500 depending on the domain name
registrar, though the price varies based on the domain name extension
but for Namecheap here is a list of
what it cost to purchase a domain name on NameCheap





domain name hosting

A domain name hosting is quit
different from a website hosting
Domain name hosting is offered by the domain name registrar
company and there are so many of them out there
on the internet, so anyone you choose is up to you
A domain name hosting is a hosting provided
by a domain name registrar which involves the hosting
the hosting of your domain name

how to buy a domain name on Namecheap

Purchasing a domain name
After coming up with a domain name
and completing all the processes to see if that domain name
is available for registration

namecheap promo code
A Namecheap promo/couple code is a code
provided by Namecheap and released or given to their
customer in order for their customer or client
to have a reduction in the price of either a web hosting purchase
or a domain name purchase.
This couple code is often offered to new customers
if you have this couple code you have to apply it to
the couple code field at the left-hand side
but making purchases so that there will be a reduction in
price for your purchase.

Where to find Namecheap couple code or couple

There are some places online where you can find
Namecheap couple code and below are some of this

1. Namecheap
2. Googie
3. Cnet.

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