How to promote your website offline

How to promote your website offline

Just as there is an online advertisment method of promoting your
website which involves running of ads, guest posting, SEO etc

so also there is an offline method of advertising and promoting your website
there is no doubt that the reason for promoting your website
involoes getting leed, business exposures and traffic but sometimes
you may never be satisfied with the traffic you get and may hunger for more
so in these blog post I will be showing how to advertise your website offline

1.Use Billboards to promote your website

billboard easily catch the attention of taxes driver or motorist
especially when there are in an hold up, so promoting your website on
billboard is taking advantage of the drivers sight so reach out to those
are in charge to accept your ads on thier billboard.

2.Radio and television.

before the coming and spreading of the internet , Radio and television
was most like say the internet of old but today people do still listen to
radio and watch TV and some radio and TV station have an online
presence so you have to promote your website on radio/TV.

3.print website information on polo and T shirt
printing your website name and information on polo and shirts
grabs peoples attention as they walk pass.

4.Bussiness Card
printing a business card for your website is an offline traffic
method as people who visit your wordpress website are seen as direct traffic since they type in your website url as printed on your business card directly into google
if you have no idea of what to add in your business card you should add the following your website url

your contact information such as phone number, Gmail social media handle.

5.Sponsor events
Another way of promoting your website offline
is sponsoring of event in this manner you can sponsor a section of someones event and add your name and website name as the sponsor.

6.Words of Mouth
telling friends,family members of your website and services you offers

7. bookshop and stationary
bookshop are where people visit to buy book or check out book you
can make your website business card available to them via the bookshop marchant.

8.Posters, flyers
Poster and flyers are ways of grabbling attention of people walking through the road
so print your website name on poster and flyers and disturbing them to people passing by.

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