How to make websites without coding

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How to make websites without coding

Building a website with code takes a little bit of time
so in this article, i have written about the process of building
a website from scratch without getting to write any line of code
as some clients want their website to be live almost immediately
as soon as they make payment so learning
How to make websites without coding
will save you time to build a website.

In these blog post, I will cover some subtopic
in relation to these blog posts some of which are

What is a website
what is coding/programming
How to make websites without coding

What is a website
A website is a collection of interlink  web page
and these web pages are written in (Html, CSS, and JavaScript)

what is coding/programming?
there are computer languages used o instruct
and communicate with a computer

How to make websites without coding
building a website requires coding
but these days there are ways in which
building a website without coding can
be done below are the step to be taken in order
to make a website without coding

1.Get  a domain name
A domain name is needed for Connecting
to a website so have a domain name
already register before you build a website
if you don’t have a domain name you can register
one with any  domain registrar here is a guide on
how o register a domain on NameCheap.

2. Create a web hosting Account.

you have to create an account with a web hosting company
and again there are man web hosing company o
pick from such as Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.

3. connect domain  to the web account 
after  registering your domain name and
Have created an account with a web hosting company
ou now need o Connie our domain name o our web
holding account

4. pick any CMS of Choice
there are many CMS out there for building
a website so pick an easy-to-use CMS
and customize without writing any line of code
a CMS is a content Management system used for creating
a website even without knowing how to write any line of code.

5. pick a theme 
pick any theme  of your choice available in the CMS
as most CMS provides you with a list of free theme to
get started with while some paid themes are the
best option for your  website design some of the free theme
are still okay so find one and pick now.

6. customize your theme.
some or most themes have limited feature
customizing some of those themes can do  agree job
in regard how our theme will look like later and if you
have a little coding knowledge adding code in he
theme files can add and extend certain features and functionality.

7. set up page.
You need o to create and publish a page on your website
a page is static while a blog pos is dynamic adding
pages like homepage, contact us, service pages and man more
can be used to explain more what our services are about.







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