How to make money online with a music blog.

How to make money online with a music blog.

How to make money online with your music blog
as a music blogger who has set up his website
and need to Start monetizing his site his guide
how o make money online WI our music blog
has been up together for you or such blogger/webmaster

picking up a niche is not an easy job for some new blogger
as some bloggers find i had come up with a niche
but is best u blog about what u passionate, and knowledgeable about
but if you are in the music niche already there will be no need
o switch over o another niche as  it makes your website less
authority on our niche

so I have taken ou time o pieces up
some ways o make money online as a music blogger

d music niche has man moen make oppuirn
so if u are e o find one hen these blog posts
will help u figure out house opportunities

1. Affiliate program

affiliate marketing refers to promoting and earning
a commission on other people’s products one
A great way o make money online is by joining an
affiliate program, there are so many affiliate programs
out online depends on the do you want to join
join a music affiliate program now
and  make money online since our audience
are music lover

2. Ads network for publisher

putting an ads network on a music
a blog is a way to earn money online
as a music publisher, there are many ads networks for
you as a music blogger is a great way and number 2 on m list of
How to make money online with a music blog

3. Sponsored post

As a music blogger who has a large audience/traffic
there are man bloggers/publishers in your niche
looking for you just to have their blog post
Get published on your blog with your permission and
you naming your price to publish the post for them
a sponsored post is  a way  to make  money online
Creating a sponsored post page  is you linking that
golden opportunity o make money with your
music blog.

4. Upload songs for upcoming artist

Uploading songs for upcoming artist
is a money-making opportunity to be  explode
by a great music blogger such as you
there are artists in the music industry who want
their songs to be listed on music platforms such as
apple,boomplay, etc so start offering that service
now on your blog with a price tag

5. charge a for uploading songs to our blog

There are so many music arts ou here
who want their songs o be heard globally and
are looking for a music blog like ourself
to upload their songs to the internet
The opportunity is yours when you add a little price
for uploading thier songs and remember not to charges
higher as three are many websites out there
who gives free upload of songs to his upcoming artist
so be nice with your price to stay in the game.

6. write and sell lyrics

among the world population lies he se
of people who want o know d price and word
of every song he knows and sees lyrics as a great way
o learn new songs, and writing of lyrics and have them
publish on our website can not only increase visitor
longer as on our music blogs bu increase Google AdSense revenue

if you use them as an ads network for publisher
a combination of a particular artist’s song lyrics
written b u is a quick way o add o our bank account
for instance, put together some selected songs
of Adele, in a blog post format or ebook
and put i u for sell will be appreciated b hose songs
lovers. around the global
or alternatively, you can sell his lyrics
in pdf format on our blog

7. email list

since your email list is made up of
music lovers there are companies who are out there to
buy your list so it all entirely up
to  you, if you, want to sell your email list of music lover
if you do not have an email list then
install and activate the plugin in WordPress
to help you Start collecting emails now.

8. Ads space

if you do not want to accept
sponsored post then selling an ads space
on a music blog is just a great way
to make money online
so u have o set up an advertise with us page
to get the ball rolling in your direction
if you are using WordPress then you
just need to set up an ads plugin
to get ads running on your website.

9. write for other music bloggers

there is many music websites
that don’t have a blog section on their
website so finding these opportunities
and emailing these music website owners
is another way o make money as a music

10. keyword researcher.

Many website owners who have a blog section
on their website  want organic traffic
but are not good with keyword research or don’t
have money for a paid keyword research tool
You can take advantage of this situation
providing them with keywords related to the music industry
and charge them a fee.

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