How to install wordpress on infinity free.

How to install wordpress on infinity free.

Are you wondering if it will be possible
to install WordPress for free on a web host or
How to install WordPress for free, in these blog post
How to install WordPress on infinity free
I will show you how easy it is to install WordPress for free.
and all the steps involved in installing WordPress on infinity free.

What is WordPress
WordPress is a free open-source software that is used for
website creation, it is a content management system(CMS)
written in PHP programming language and makes use of
MySQL for managing the database of the  website
WordPress is of two version which are and
This is not self-hosted like it
is the free version of the self-hosted WordPress
you don’t need a web hosting account to access
it or a server to gain access to start using it.
This is an open source and it is self-hosted
you will need to install and host it
on a web host or your web host account
or on a VPS.

How to install WordPress on infinity free.

if you are wondering how to install WordPress on infinity free
then I will be showing up that in the steps below
you will be able to install WordPress even as a beginner
only when you follow the step correctly as shown to you
in these blog posts, below are the steps to follow.

step 1.
Create an infinity account
visit the official website of infinity
to create an account with them.
by clicking on the signup now button
takes you to sign up landing page
where you get to fill in all your information
if you don’t have an account with them before

Step 2
login to your client area
now after signing up, you may be
automatical be redirected to your
client area but if infinity doesn’t redirect
then just remember your login detail
and login.

Step 3.
click on the control panel option
to log in to your Cpanel
as infinity free host is offering
Cpanel for their customer to manage
their website

Step 4.
You will be redirected to the cpanel
Scroll down to the software section
and click on the Softaculous
 Apps Installer
from the control panel.

step 5
click on install WordPress
after clicking on install WordPress
it pops up an option for you to
start the installation process
with an install now button

step 6.
Before you finally install
WordPress, you will need to
fill in your WordPress login
details, which will be the details
you will use to sign in
when the WordPress installation is

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