How to get USA traffic to your website

How to get USA traffic to your website

How you woudering how to get traffic to your website from the US, then this blog post was written particular for you.

how to get USA traffic to your website

If how to get USA Website visitors to your website is what have been on your mind for a very long time, then I will be showing you many ways to achieve that in these blog post which I titled how to get USA traffic to your website


Keyword is what set the foundation for SEO If you want to get website traffic from search engine then you have to do that by doing keyword research using a keyword research tool.

So that you will be able to find and know the phrase people are typing in to search engine to find what they are looking for
and add that phrase into your content so Search engine can list your website under those phrase or keyword people are searching for.

2. publish US content

publishing content related to US is a great way to get traffic from the USA to your website, to do these you use a keyword research tool like ahrefs.

3.Local Directories

There are so many Local directories in the USA, so you have to submit your website
to USA directories, so as to get listed on directories.

4.submit your website to search engine in the US.

Submitting your website to search engine based in the USA is a great way to get website traffic to your blog from the USA
Google and Bing are search engine based in the USA so to submit your website to any of them make use of thier webmaster tool to submit your website to either google or bing.

4.classified Ads

classified Ads are free ads Website they let you run ads for free, without paying for ads on like the vase where by you pay to run a facebook or google ads.

5.Write for US

There are many website with US base
audience and traffic as well, who want you to write for them in return they will link back to your website.

the reason is that these websites want always fresh content to be served to thier audience, because google love fresh content as well.

to find such opportunity in the internet
type in these string or search command.
“write for us” + “your niche”

6.Web host server location.

7.Run ads targeting USA

Running ads is the fastest way to great traffic to your website, traffic from ads network start rolling in as soon as your ads get approved by the ads network, majority if not all ads network have a geo targeting/location.
there are so many ads network that let you target the US and push your ads to audience in the US.

8.Bussiness listings

There are many Website in the USA offers business listing in the USA if you have a USA branch you can list your website on any USA based business listing.

9.Google my business

Submitting your website to google my business can help your business to be found by people in the USA, looking for service you offer.

10.Bing market places.

Bing is a search engine and there have a market place for submitting your website so they list your website on thier online listing.

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