How to get traffic to your website using content

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How to get traffic to your website using content

Do you know that content is a powerful traffic generation
method for your website, without content you can’t
get ranking of  a single blog post/page of your website
on search engine result page(SERP) 
so I have written this article titled
How to get traffic to your website using content.

As the popular saying goes content is king
content attracts audiences and brings traffic
if your website content is found to be helpful.

How to get traffic to your website using content.

content is what powers search engines results
search engines like Google cant display
for you, an empty SERP  as it seems to Google
as a  bad user experience to index empty
page let alone displaying it to internet users.

when an internet  user searches the internet
They are looking for a result  and answer to their question
or query so below are methods and ways of
how to get traffic to your website using content

1. keyword words.
keyword word is a word/phrase people type
into a search engine to get results of what they are looking
for, so for you to get in front of those searchers on search engine
you have to add  keywords to our content, to add keywords
to your content, you have to add them in the following places
of your content
title tag
meta tag

2. Write a powerful headline.
A Powerful headline captures the reader’s mind
on the subject matter and makes them spend a little
more time reading your content on your blog.
no matter how interesting your content is, without a
powerful headline readers may not click through to
read your content. is a headline great tool.

3.content type.

content-type like how-to, guides,

4. write quality content.

Writing quality content is not all about adding
and surfing keywords or writing a lengthy article
is about providing answers and more relevant information
on the subject matter.


5. content marketing.

After writing and publishing your content
content marketing which is the distribution of
content on different content platform is a
step to consider next, there are many platforms
that lets you distribute your content for
free and some of these platforms have a paid plan
as well, but their free plan is more than enough
for you to get started with.


6. Add social share to our content.

Adding social share to our content helps
puts you ahead in the game of getting traffic
using content over other bloggers/websites
owner who don have a social share button
added on their blog post  content

7. interlink related content

Interlinking related posts help you increase the 
visitor stays on your website for long as related posts
 linked together may be of interest to the visitor. 

8. Repuorse content

it a process of converting our already published
content into other  blog post format  such as
ebook,videos etc.

9. write long content

most top 10 results on google SERP are
blog post with about 1500-2000 word
count as Google sees content with such length o
be from a professional viewpoint and that such
article contains more informational information 

10. Using visual

some reader finds  content with 
pictures and infographics are easier to
understand than just reading plain text
without a picture, as an illustration, to narrate
what the content message is all about.


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