How to get traffic to your travel blog

How to get traffic to your travel blog

Do you run a travel niche website or run a travel
niche blog and you have been thinking
how to get traffic to your travel blog
Travel is the life and blood of every website or blog

As website travel is what keeps a website or blog post
A website or blog with no single traffic will soon now or
one day be out of business, so I have compiled
a list  base on my research work on
how to get traffic to your travel blog

So in these blog post, I will be throwing light on
what is a travel blog
how to get traffic to your travel blog

What is a travel blog
A travel website is a webpage or blog
that carries or talked about issues and matter
related to traveling.

How to get traffic to your travel blog.

1. Keyword
To get traffic from search engines
you have to keyword in your travel niche
by adding this keyword to your WordPress
blog post content, permalink, heading.
to get keywords you will have to use any
keyword research tool type in word or phrase
related to travel blogs while the tool
brings out keywords searched on search engines
related to your travel blog niche.

2. Submit your blog to search engines

A search engine is the first place people go to
first to find and look for information regarding
any subject matter, so submitting your travel blog
to search engine gives you an advantage and edge
over your fellow travel blogger in the industry
who are yet to submit their website to search engines.
Here is a list of search engines, just in case you
have no idea about search engines


3. Write for other travel bloggers (write for us)

for some new bloggers in the travel niche
they are not good at coming up with Blogger ideas
you can help them out and in return, they will be willing
to expose you to their audience and large volume
of traffic, they have, by providing you a backlink
to your website to find such opportunities
on Google use the search command to find one
“write for us” + “travel”

4. list your blog on travel business places

listing your travel  blog on a business  list
is one way to top your game so look
for travel blog business places to list your
travel blog, note that there are also general businesses
listing for all log niches  but a travel blog business
will connect you to a targeted audience interested in
travel matters, which your blog offers.

5. Join travel blog forums
Forums are great ways to drive traffic

to your website so joining a travel blog forum
will help you a lot as there is much travel
blog forum on the interest  you don’t need to join
all the whole forums that are available online join

Join at least one or two and master how to drive traffic
to your travel blog using the forum you have joined
One interesting thing about joining a forum
is that the website traffic from a forum is a
targeted one.
If you don’t know how to find a forums
online here is a complete guide
find a forum online.

6. Running of Ads

Running of ads on ads networks or websites that offer
Ads running on their website/platform is a way of
driving traffic to your travel blog.

This is usually the fastest method of getting
traffic as this website platform connects your ads to
the interested audience, although for beginners
this method may not be  best for them as it can be
expensive in that you have to spend more  money
running ads to get more visitors to your website
but these are still a few cheap ads network
that will do the job for you, but in all, you do in regard
getting traffic to your travel blog by running ads on ads network
stay away from ads networks that promise you 6000 visitors for
$5 or $10.

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