How to display lastest post in WordPess using elementor

How to display lastest post in WordPess using elementor

Display latest post in WordPress using
elementor is necessary when you want to let
the audiences of your website know of your
lastest blog post recently published on your

so in these blog post I will be showing you
how to display the latest post using elementor WordPress plugin on
your website.
if you are using another Content Management System (C.M.S)
Such as drupal, Joomla then these plugin and methods wont work
for you so you have to find how to display the lastest post on our
website using our content management system.

what is WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system that is used to
create a website, handle and manage the website files and information
a content management system can also handle the database of a website
and wordpress is written in php programming language,
WordPress makes creating a website easily
without you getting to write any line of code

WordPress designer makes use of theme and plugins
to make a WordPress website beautiful and add functionality.

what is elementor

Elementor is a drag and drop WordPress page builder
plugin with over 5+ million installations on WordPress
website that makes customization of any  WordPress website
pages and posts easy.


How to add recent post to homepage elementor

to add a recent post to our WordPress homepage elementor
makes sure your homepage is customized with  elementor
so if you  don’t have the WordPress plugin and you have
to  either download or install and activates elementor plugin
and after you need another WordPress plugin name
Essential Addons for Elementor to be installed.

How to display latest post in WordPress using elementor.

as continued  from the above heading now
know how to display latest post in WordPress using elementor
to do this enable editing of our homepage with elementor
edit homepage with elementor

step 1
Click on edit with elementor and
you get redirected o our admin area where you
start to edit our homepage.

step 2.
install and activate the essential add-on elementor
WordPress plugin so as to be able to unlock the
paid feature in elementor.

After installing and activating the add one plugin now

step 3.
Edit your homepage
enter your  domain name in your web browsers
and click on edit  with elementor, so as to  start editing the homepage with

edit homepage with elementor

or click on the homepage in our admin dashboard area
and click edit with elementor
WordPress dashbaord 1

step 4

Displaying the lastest posts in elementor.
now you need to add a  single column
as a column to  house or put our lases blog
post, so click on the plus sign (+) to add a column.

pick any number of colum you want to add
but for this lecture, I will go with one column
now after adding the colum
Search for post  grid on the elementor search bar
at the lef hand side
and drag it into your website
lasest post in elementor 2

Now left click and draw it into the website areas.
and you customize it further if you want.

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