How to convert your webpage online to pdf

How to convert your webpage online to pdf

Are you wondering How to convert your webpage online to pdf
Then you in lucky as I will be showing you how to easily convert
your website blog post or webpage into pdf online using free
pdf converter tools.

This method works for anyone, webmaster, affiliate marketers
or someone who is looking for ways to converter a website or
their webpage into pdf.

Why you should convert your webpage to pdf

1. Website traffic purposes

Converting your website into pdf can help boost and increase your website
traffic, converting your webpage to pdf is popularly referred to as
content repurposing, that is you take a blog post and  turn or convert it
into another format but with the same message for instance
making a video for a blog post you have published already

2. Backlink purposes

3. Give away purpose
4. Affiliate purpose
5. Sales purpose

How to convert your webpage online to pdf

With so many technologies in place and so many available online tools at one’s disposal
converting your webpage into PDf file or document should not be a problem for you
but sometimes it appears that the tools at your disposal limit their service and turning
your webpage to pdf becomes a problem for you,

Well many tools I have comes across pdf software give you the ability
to  open, read, and access pdf on your phone, laptop or any pdf you
download from any website, but some of the pdf software
will charge you or you will have to upgrade when you want to
convert your word, document to a pdf document/files

To convert your webpage to a pdf file/ document online
you will need a pdf converter for that.
so in this blog post, I will be showing how to
convert your webpage to pdf for free using
Webtopdf converter.

Step 1
visit the webpage you want to converter
to as a pdf file/document and copy the

step 2.
visit which is the online free
webpage to pdf converter we will
be using to convert the webpage to pdf
and paste in the URL of the webpage we copy
as explained in step 1 into the converters
Search box-like shape.

webtopdf converter
step 3

Pick your format
webtopdf  converter gives you an option to
pick the format and add many settings to the webpage
before converting it to a pdf.
to display these options just click on the option
button close to the converts button.

step 4
Once you are done with all the settings you
want to add to your webpage, now it is time to convert your
webpage to a pdf file/document so
you have to smash or hit the convert button
close to the option button.

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