How to build a website for a busines

How to build a website for a busines

Are you wondering how to build a website for a business
these blog post will show you how to do that in less
than 40 minutes when it comes to building a website
most new babies are afraid of getting into
the water because they feel that not knowing
how to code will make it difficult for them

there are three general ways of building a website
for a business namely
1. building a website using Content management system(C.M.S)
2. Building a website using coding
3. Building a website using a template.

what ever mention method you choose to use is
up to you, some method of building a website
takes more time when compared to
other methods of building websites
When it comes to building a website for a business
i will show  all  three methods of building a website

but i will explain how to  building a website using a
Content management system(C.M.S) called wordpress

which is the fastest  way of building a website
There are many  content management systems (C.M.S)
but WordPress is by far the most popular

So in this blog post, I will be defining the following
the keyword used in these blog post to give
a clearer view to those who are not tech-wise orientated

how to build a website using codes
you can’t build a website without knowing
or having code knowledge when it comes
to build a website using
code it implies that the whole website will be built
by writing lines of codes
if writing code for building website it what you
like then these is how to go about it
a website has a frontend and backend
chose the part you want to build and then learn the
language for either the front endor backend

for frontend, you will need to learn and know
hyper text make languages(Html)
while for the backend you will ned to know
php, python, and other backend programming

how to build a website using drag and drog
the are some plaftom where you can build a
website without writing a single line of code
but rather using drug and drug template or
and there are many per made template
to choose from.

how to build a website using content management system
well this method is popular among many web designers as
well as web development who choose not to build/code everything
from scratch, this method involves making use of CMS
such as wordpress,Drupal,Joomla for creating and managing
both your website front and backend.

now I have show you the three method of building an
website for a bussiness
now let me walk you through the process of
how to start a website or build a website using
content management system which is the fastest way of
setting up a website even without knowing how to code
or wrtting any line of html, CSS, or php code

how to build a website using content management system

This method is by far the most popular
and best way of setting up your website
when you don’t want know how to build a website
using code or writing any line of code.

A cms is a piece of software used for creating and managing
a website content as well as its files such as picture,pdf etc
below are the step of building a website using a CMS
WordPress happens to be the most used and popular
content management system,so WordPress is what
I will be showing you in regard how to build a website
below are the steps to t`take when building a website
for a business of any kind.

1.Determine/choose your website/blog niche

A website niche is the topic or primary purpose
of a website that is what the website is all about
in rei=8gard its information after choosing your website niche
the next step is to register a domain name.

2.Domain name.

This is the name of your website that people type
into search engines to access or get to your website online.
for your website to easily aceesed it needs to be pointed
or connected to a domain name, they are many domain name
registrar for registering a domain name eg namecheap,
now its time to get a web host and then point your domain name
your web host account.

3. choose a web host

A web host is a company that host all your website file and it’s content
your website can’t go live without a server so a web host provides
the server needed for your website to be available at any time of the day
online for easy accessibility.
for the purpose of the post I wil be using NameCheap
as my web host here,so the first thing to do is to create an account with
namecheap if you don’t have one but if you already have a
namecheap account like me let proceed.

step 1
login to your namecheap account
now click on shared hosting to pick an
hosting plan package
namecheap[ shared plan

step 2
the shared hosting package have three plan
namely Stellar,popular and stellar business
pick your plan in the shared hosting package
for beginners on a low budget goes for stellar plan
which goes for $2.18  a month.
shared hosting plan

step 3
Domain Name Connection

you will need to connect a domain name or
point a domain name to your namecheap web hosting
if you don’t have a domain name click
on new domain name then click on new purchase
and find if your domain name is available registration
then purchase the domain name
domain name registration

if you have a domain name already click on
existing domain name and then in sign to connect
your domain name after signing in again namecheap will
ask if your domain name was registered with them or if your domain name
is registered with a third party domain mae registrar
Domain registration
after connecting your existing domain name or purchasing a new domain name
now click on connect to host, for your domain name to be connected to
your namecheap web hosting account.

step 4
Add to cart and make payment.
after either connecting an already registered domina name
or a newly purchased domain name  it is time
to add to the cart so as to be able to make purchases
so at the left-hand down click  on add to cart and
make payment.

after clicking on add to cart Namecheap provides you an option
to make confirmation of what you are to purchase and remove any
item you accidentally  and also offers you a promo code field if you have
any and after adding the code hit apply to make the couple code have an effect on the price
so as to get a reduction on your purchase and click on confirm orders.

– shared plan purchase

After successful payment of money your web host account
is ready for use and activated instantly
namecheap also provides you a document presentation of
your payment in a pdf format and is made available in your namecheap
account with a download option if you want.
you have to check your email as namecheap
mails to your inbox your cpanel panel details.

step 5: Pick your CMS

To install any cms of your choose
you have to login to your Cpanel
to do that, first  get your cpanel login  and
it is easy check your email inbox for it
as your web host will email the login credentials to you in a email message
sign to your Namecheap dashboard account
to get access to your Cpanel
in recently Active in Your Account
under product click on your namecheap plan
in my case it is shared plan and from the drop-down
click on Go to cpanel.
namecheap productyou are then redirected to the cpanel login page
input the username and password namecheap
email to you and sign in.
after signing in scroll down to the software section
to make your software pick.
now click on wordpress manager by softaculous
to start wordpress installation
WordPress installation

If you forget your password so easily then
write it down somewhere or saved it on
your web browser or any password
saving software or tool

input your username or email used when signing up
for the WordPress installation
same with the password
WordPress login

after inputting the correct WordPress login credentials
you land or you are directed to the WordPress dashboard  just
like this one displayed on the picture below which says
WordPress to WordPress and the 6.0 you see at the
right side is the current version of WordPress
WordPress dashboard

now choose a WordPress theme
there are many free WordPress themes to choose
from pick, anyone install the theme
so that all building a website for a business without coding
is as simple as a,b,c

Crate  pages
You will need to create a webpage for your
website and when it comes to creating a WordPress
webpages, no number of webpages is too small or
many it is just based on the number of pages you want
that you will you create.

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