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Content Curation meaning

Content Curation can help you  increase your
website traffic, so you have to start curating
your website content so as to increase your website traffic.             So in this blog post  i will be explaining to you
What Content Curation means and what tools that can help you in curating your website content.

Content Curation meaning.

Content curation is the process of sharing other brands/blog/people content with your
 the audience on your platform
as a blogger content curation is

something you should get involved in as the curating other
people content makes you come across a new audience

Benefits of content curation

1. It keeps your audience engage even when 
you don’t have a post or content to share with them

2. content curation exposes you to a new audience
you normally will not be able to reach with just your content.

3. content curation saves you the time of getting to write and publish
a blog post.

content curation tools

As a beginner and someone who is just starting
out to curate his content, these are content curation these tools

that can help you get started, so I have made a list of tools
you can go through and pick the one that you may seem of
interest to you and may be easy for you to use or work with.

1.scoopt it
When you think of content curation this tool
is what comes to the mind of many webmasters first
before any other content curation tool
scoop it

Elink is another game charger on my list of content curation
As have a Global Rank 298,486
and a country rank  182,446 in the United state
and a category ranking(Traffic rank of the site compared to
all other sites in its main category in the top country) of 568
Category Rank

quuu is number three on my list this tool
claims to be trusted by the following brand
Forbes, Inc,Hubspot, Entrepreneur, but an  interesting
thing about this tool is that it has a free plan at the cost of
$0 for you to start your content curation and later upgrade
to either a pro or business plan as base on your want.


Upcontnet is a curation tool that happens to be
the fourth on my list this content curation tool
provides you a 14
day free trial after then
you get to pay $49/Month
if you don’t like their free trial of 14 days
then you can use many of the above
tools, there  are free to use, some or most of these content curation, tools are free
and some  have both a free and paid plan, you can make use of the free plan of an curation tool and later  you can upgrade.

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