Blog post ideas for Beginners.

Blog post ideas for Beginners.

As a new blogger coming up with a blog post
ideas is not an easy job, so in this posts tilted
Blog post ideas for Beginners.

I will be showing t post I will show you a guide and
as to how to come up with a blog post idea
for your first or next blog post showing some
tips, tricks as well as tools that will make it possible
and easy to write a blog post like a pro even if
you have not written a blog post before

Blog post ideas for Beginners.

1. Reviews and previews
As a new blogger who don’t know what to write about
writing about Reviews is a starting step for such one
you will be writing reviews in regard your niche foor instance
if you are in the travel niche you can write reviews or preview
hotels, garden park, car park, etc in a particular geographical area   

2. listicles  blog post

Irrespective of your blog niche
or whatever kind of topic
your blog talked about writing a
listicles blog post is a for beginners
like you to come up with a new blog post
ideas for instance if you are in the travel niche
you can write listicles like this best 10 hotels to visit in the world best 10 hotels to visit in the United state

3. How to blog post

How to is a blog post that shows your visitors
or audience ways and methods of doing something
or fixing a problem all by themself is a process
referral to as Do it yourself (DIY).

4. Guidelines blog post ideas

These are blog ideas that give your audience
a walk process professional way of learning
a thing sometimes they are in form of a course
written by you.

5.Arts and culture

There are so many people who want to read about
Arts and culture, so you as someone who knows
more about Arts and culture, and you have studied it as a course
then you need to start writing about all you need
about art and culture.


Writing about your travel experience is a blog post idea
which many readers are interested in imagine someome
who has ever never travelled from the USA to canada
may want to get your virew about what is it like
and travelling in general, so you are starting a blog
and don’t know what to blog about, then start blogging
about your travels experience as your blog post ideas.

How to generate blog post idea

now you have an idea of  blog post you can
write about, you have to know how to generate
these blog posts idea and know what especially

your audience are searching for and what they
want to read about that particually post
so as for you to be able to channel your information
on that blog post topic to their interest

1.keyword research tool

keyword like they say is the foundation of
search engine optimization but you write any blog post
doing keywords is the first step before any writing exercise
but during the process of performing keyword research
you can come up with more than one blog ideas.

for just a single or phrase of ord typed into any keyword research tool
so let say for instance we want to write about WordPress
now type in the WordPress into a keyword research
tool like ahrefs and see the


It is a question-and-answer website you can
visit the website
  and make use of their search bar
for a topic related to your niche and start writing
an answer to the question you found on quora.

3.Do a quick Google research on the keyword you
want write about.

Doing a quick Google search on the keyword s
you want to write about in your niche will expand
your knowledge more on the blog post before you start to write
about them 

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