Best Website CMS for SEO

Best Website CMS for SEO

Well before you start to use a Content management system
checking to see if all your blog posts and your Website can be optimized
for Search engine results is what you should put in mind.
so I made a list of the best website cms for seo.

Well, I know that if you are used to writing blog posts on WordPress,
you will agree with me that in fact that when it comes optimizing
your blog or website for Search engines result WordPress gives you tools,
plugins as well as have built in features to help you achieved that.

At least, for the love of this ability to optimize your WordPress website
some developers, webmasters, as well as website owners who
are not using wordpress, have integrate wordPress with their website.

for instance, some website  have integrated WordPress with
their lavaral framework website.

what is a CMS

A CMS is a software that is used to used to create a website
As well as manage the website content, file,media,image

with a CMS you don’t need to know a line of code to
build a website as a CMS such as WordPress comes with premade
template/ demo and plugin to add or extend functionality on your website.

what to look for in the best CMS

1. User-Friendliness

Imagine you as a beginner not picking or using, a user-friendliness CMS
well I can tell you from experience that not using user-friendliness CMS
will make you waste too much time trying to figure out when building
a website on that content management system

Not using a user friendly CMS will keep you wondering
how to fix a problem in the CMS, and you may later come to
find the cms to be problematic for you
when using it for building your website

2. Drag and drop builder.

A good Content management system should have the option
for Nonprogrammerslike you to be able to build a website from
scratch using drag-and-drop builder features

A Content management system like WordPress has many
Drag and drop page builders such as Elementor, Wp bakery, and so on

3. SEO

A good Content management system should have the ability to able to
allow its users to optimize their websites so that those websites can be found
for some keyword phrases so as to increase online visibility.

4.Built-in Text editor

A CMS should have a built-in text editor so that you will be able to edit
your post on the text editor just imagine you are using a CMS that doesn’t
have built-in text editor then you will have to go and edit your

post first on another text editor or word processor and copy and paste
the post in your CMS and this may lead to additional code added
by the word processor or text editor to the post you have written there
which you copied

5.6.Premade template/Themes

For someone like you who is new to web design
there is no doubt that you do not have any experience
of how to design a website, so with a premade
temlet or premade theme, all you have to
do is to change the per made tepmlte by replacing
it with your website content/design.

Must-Have and looked for CMS Features for SEO.

URL Setting.

A URL or permalink tells Search engines or website visitors a little of
what that blog post is all about that is why on SEO it is recommended
that your URL or permalink should have a little of your blog post.

Customizable Page Elements.

With an SEO-friendly CMS, you should b able to edit or add a page
Element such as header tags, interlink blog posts, or made a quotes
for reference purposes.

301 Redirects

When you delete a blog post and it is already indexed by a search engine
with overtime search engines will dislist the blog post and you may
loose ranking for that blog Post position you have on

the SERP, so it makes sense to redirect that deleted post
so as not to lose ranking in the SERP position

SSL Certification

A good CMS should have a built in features for SSL as search engine
consider website with SSL certificates as most secure compared to
websites that don’t have SSL certificates.

Navigation Menus

A navigational menu lets your website visitors to be able to
find and access other blog posts on your website,
So a CMS that let you add a Navigational menu is indeed an SEO-friendly CMS.

XML Sitemap

The search engine will always look for website XML Sitemap
so as to be able to access your website and it’s a blog posts,

a sitemap makes the crawling search engine to discover pages,
post as well as new pages on your website, XML feature makes a
Content management system SEO friendly.

Analytics built-in Tool.

One thing to look at when picking a CMS
is to go for the one that you will be able to see the Analytics your
website in the cms dashboard, well these features makes sense
when you want to manage all website activities in one admin dashboard
if not

best website cms for seo

Well WordPress is not the only Content management system
you can use SEO features, they are so many other one

the only problem some people have using other CMS SEO
features is that you have to take a bit deeep drive into the SEO
built-in features setting some of these other CMS to be able
Optimize your blog post/website for Search engine optimization.

well that aside that doesn’t mean that if you choose to build your
Website using their CMS that you wouldn’t get ranked by search engine
like, google amd among others.

In other to give you an head up into some other Content management system
that are SEO friendly and has built in SEO features which you may not know
of I have made a list of some of the best website cms for seo.

best website cms for seo


I know you must be expecting WordPress to be ony list of
some of the best website cms for seo well I guess that you seeing WordPress
as the number on my list your thought was not disappointing.

is wordpress good for SEO

Yes wordpress is good for SEO infact is the one among the best
as the abilty to optimazied your website website for seo are endless.

I am telling you in plain words that you will get not only but you
will and even out rank some of your competitors if you top up your
seo game and effort very well.

10 reasons why WordPress is the best cms for seo

2. Instant indexing

WordPress is loved by many webmasters including
myself for its instant indexing, if you do a proper SEO on
your WordPress  Website the rate to which search engine
will indexed your website will be at a faster rate.

With a WordPress plugin called Rankmath, you can request
instant indexing if your WordPress
website is not indexed by Google.

3.Ability to add meta description to your
WordPress website and blog post.

If you are using WordPress as your  Content management system
you can have the ability to add meta description
to your WordPress website, It makes sense because a meta description
is what tells the search engine what the blog post is all about.

4. Adding keyword you want to rank for.

With WordPress you can add keyword into your WordPress
blog post so easily even without you getting to touch
the code base of your WordPress website to do that installing and
activating a WordPress plugin will take care of everything for you

5.Ability to edit /Add Page Elements.

With a Content management system such as wordpress
you can easily add and page Element such as links, headers.
to your wordpress Website.

6.Setting up canonical URLs, preventing duplicate
content and self-cannibalization.

7.permalink structure.

WordPress let’s you set up easy and readable permalink,
for your wordpress Website blog post.

8.Optimizing Images for SEO

There is an ability to optimazied your wordpress blog post in
wordpress such as ability to add alternative text to your wordpress image.

9WordPress Is Optimized for Mobile Users.

WordPress is optimized for mobile view so you don’t have
any worries using wordpress as a CMS when you are looking for
a good and better CMS that is mobile optimazed.

10. Sitemap creation

You don’t have to be an experienced web master to
create a sitepmap as wordpress comes with plugin
like Rankmath to help you create a sitepmap for free.


If you are planning to build your Website with webnode
and you feel and think that this Content management system
lack SEO features well I think you should have a rethink as
this Content management system was build and developed

with SEO in mind by the developer.


This is a very popular Content management system,
own and manged
by google while blogger is a free Blogging platfrom
that don’t not means it lack SEO lack features.

with a Content management system like blogger you can
add headers,meta description as well as keyword to your
blog post you publish using blogger.

If you are using blogger as your
Content management system and you don’t know that
blogger is SEO friendly, well now I am telling you that blogger is SEO friendly.

With a great CMS such as blogger you can add meta description,
Keyword to permalink and so on.

4. Joomla

Well if you have been told that joomla is not SEO friendly,
that would been that the reason why that was said was that

the webmaster or blogger was not good at optimazing his or
her blog using the joomla CM But today I am telling you

that Joomla is an SEO friendly CMS the developer buildt
it with SEO in mind, so have no worry’s using this CMS.




best website cms for seo

2. Webdote.
3. Blogger.
5. Shopify
6. Joomla
7. Drupal
8. Magento

what is an example of a CMS.

There are some many popular Cms out there online fo
r building and designing your website., here is a list of some
examples of cms, you can use to build your blog or Website.

Web note.

which cms is better for SEO and why

WordPress is better for SEO because the content management
system called WordPress gives you the ability to
customize almost every aspect of your website with SEO in
mind take for instance you can customize your blog post permalink, url,
meta description make your website to be SEO-friendly in the eye of
search engine such as google, bing, Yandex, and among others.


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