6 Ways to get your wordpress visitors Email Address

6 Ways to get your wordpress visitors Email Address

Having an Email list or a list of emails is very important for your WordPress website so here is 6 Ways to get your WordPress visitor’s Email Address

As there is so much you can do with those emails you collect from your WordPress visitors remember the popular saying that the money is in the email list?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software that contains a piece of code that is used for creating a website as well as maintaining the

website content such as media, Content (blog post), pictures etc. the CMS called WordPress is written in PHP programming language and WordPress makes use of Mysql as it database.

What is an email list.

An email list is that contains email address of your website visitors or people interested in the service you offer

5 Ways to get WordPress visitor’s Email Address

1. Giveaway.

Everyone loves to get something for free  Even those buying a digital product, are also wondering at first, if the product
would go free, So don’t be so stingy don’t to offers something for free to your

WordPress users or website visitors at least as an act of saying thank you for visiting our website.
So how do you get email addresses of your visitors by offering something for free.

2. Option in form.

3. Newsletter.

Adding a newsletter to your WordPress website is a great way to get your WordPress users’ email address, while

you have great content on your wordpress website and you are still publishing more great content you have

to on your website then keeping your visitors updated via your wordpres  Newsletter, is a must as many website visitors may not come back to your website after the

the first day they leave, or are done reading the blog post that attract them to your blog, so a Newsletter is a reminder telling them that you have posted an great Content which is worth checking out.

So to get your WordPress user’s email address via a newsletter you have to add an email field option when you are creating your WordPress Newsletter with Any wordpres plugin.

4. contact form.

If you want your wordpress users to contact you or directly message you then a contact form is what you should have

in your WordPress website, a contact form has three basics inputs which are
Name, message/subject, and email input

while creating your wordpres website contact form using a WordPress s plugin you have to add or remove any of this input field you don’t need and add the ones you need, but if you want to collect emails from your WordPress users,

then you have to add an email address input to your contact form and make it compulsory

(That is users make add their email before they can submit the form).

5.Wordpress comment.

If you have or allows your WordPress users/visitors to comment on your WordPress blog post then the WordPress comment section have  the name, comment (message) and the email address input as well, so for you to get

their email when they make a comment on your WordPress website, you will have to check the comment section in your wordpres admin dashboard.

6. Survey

This is getting your wordpress users feedback via a survey like answering your users questions and you should add an email filed input to your survey form to capture your wordpress users email address.

7. landing page.

If you are selling a digital product on your website or you have a landing page then you should add an email field input to collect your WordPress user’s email.

8.Guest post.


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