How to Build a website for a business.

Just like his guy in the background of he hero section of honesweb with his hand on his mouth thinking of how o build he next big brand…Read

WordPress theme

After your WordPress installation, styling your website is the next thing to do, so as to give your website an appealing and attractive....

WordPress Plugin

If your choice of CMS is WordPress then most of the time You need o to install a WordPress plugin so  as o extend the functional of our website..

WordPress speed

As you plugin and activate many plugins, add files, blog post, picture to blog posts on your  WordPress website the site will soon...

WordPress security

After putting in so much hard work on your website and one day only to log in to your admin dashboard and find your website hacked....

WordPress setup

Are you wondering how to go about or how to setup  WordPress on Namecheap then his  article covers the necessary step to….

make money online

how to make money online requires you o have an online skill and understand some internet protocol 
in regard making money online….

blog post

As a new blogger coming up with a blog post ideas is not an easy job so these posts tilted blog post ideas for Beginners… 

content curation meaning

content curation meaning

content curation is the process of sharing other brands/blog/
peoples content on your platform, as a blogger content curation is….

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How to add social share on wordpress site

Do you know that adding a social share can help boost and
increase website traffic, if your
content is super helpful…

wordpres plugin

A a point in time  in our blogging journey for all those using WordPress CMS we need all footer and header plugin if we want  to inject code…

Blogging tools

Seo tools

carrying out SEO activties on a website is very important for every web master so this tools gives you hide and direction......

plagiarism tools

These tools makes the task of keeping your website content or blog post well written and grammatically error free.

content organizer tools

Writing blog post is never one day an easy task for web master, as the task can be very challenging no doubt but these tool...

project management tool

As a beginner picking a project management tool for your project is necessary when your project and website growth.....

Graphic tools

As a beginner or someone who want to become a graphics designer knowing graphic design tools/software that....

CRM tools.

keeping track of your custom and as well website traffic is Very important hence a CRM tools is needed for making the task easy...

How to get website traffic to your website

SEO Method

Social media platforms as well as ads networks are good and great source of website traffic but if you want traffic from search...

Referral Method.

Sometimes traffic from seach engines, social media are not enough when you are hungery for more traffic so referral traffic...

Paid Method

When it comes to getting traffic to your website, paid method are usually one of the fastest as ads network connect your...